Amazon Paiche (Arapaima gigas)

Arapaima which is demanded by USA, is marketed by Cleanfish. Arapaima is one of the oldest species in the world, it makes lung respiration and spring out of the water. It can reach 227 kg and grow in shallow muddy waters.
Arapaima is a popular species in South Amerika, but it is endangered due to overfishing and deforestation. In Brazil, it is banned for commercial catch.
Samba in New York, Ocean in Miami, La mar in San Francisco have a deal with Cleanfish in order to serve  Arapaima.  Cleanfish Company distributed with small producers harvested and farmed seafood fort he market. Amazon is the division of Peruvian holding and the product is marketed under its brand.
The worth of Arapaima is 33 USD (24 Eur) at Sushi Samba as a dinner menu and it will be placed their menu continuously.
From California based Cleanfish Company spokesperson Alisha Lumea says that production is not too high, while they are introducing the product to the market, they are trying to protect this species.” 
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