The relation of Mediterranean diet and health

Regarding healty nutrition and health, there is a deep interest all around the world during the recent years. Research on the one in five British men and one in seven women have a problem from coronary heart disease in UK and their costs are approximately 77 billion GBP to the National Health Service. The reason of this issue is difference of diet, Southern Europe has this disease more than Northern Europe.

Mediterranean Diet was mentioned at...

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Fresh fish is better than frozen fish, isn't it? Wrong

Modern freezing techniques ensures high quality in fish types. Why? Because many fish types, only after a few minutes after hunting today, are frozen with flash freezer with lower heat than the standard household type freezers. Many "fresh" fish types are in fact pre-frosted but these are realized some certain...

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Healthy Diet: Incredible Fish Miracle

Never avoid fish wile planning your daily diet. Fish is a miraculous multi purpose food type with low fat, which contains different tastes and meat structures. And it is indispensible part of a healthy diet with its low calorie feature.

Be sure to eat one portion of fish twice a week, the more the better!

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Choose the Optimum Fish for your Health

We all know that eating fish is very beneficial for our health. Its significant effect on anti-aging is just one of the benefits. But of course, the proper fish should be consumed. It has been found in researches that consuming fish which contains high amount of mercury cause significant harms on pregnants and nursing mothers.              

As is known, water products contain high amounts of minerals when compared to the other food types. Mercury...

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