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Denizer meets its consumer: REFRESH DISPLAY

Our Refresh or alias Defrost Displays presents flavors of the world with freshness of catched time to your taste.

The best delicious fish of the oceans, Mackerel, is on the Real and Carrefour markets with only 1,49 TL unit price… Soon all over Turkey…


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A view of Iceland to mackerel disputes

We published the EU sanctions of mackerel on Iceland as bulletin three weeks ago. We would like to explain the reply of Iceland for this week.

The new dispute regarding “mackerel wars” which has been made by Iceland, become a current issue  recently. According to reports of city representatives, international mackerel disputes which threats fish processors  and risks supply & lobour force, has been ended up by science instead... Read more

About Far East market

Pangasius is one of the most important export item of Vietnam which is found in the Vietnam’s fresh waters. The product which is demanded by lots of countries, have become popular recently and also it is called as “Panga” which has been known and consumed in Turkey day by day.

According to statements of Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), Vietnam is expecting to reach its target in 2012. VASEP also emphasized that panga... Read more

Turkish seabass at US market

Seafood exports are increasing in Turkey day by day where is surrounded on three sides by the sea. Especially aquaculture products which are sea bass and sea bream are the prominent products of our country. Turkey, after Greece is the second largest producer of bass and bream.          

The seafood export value of Turkey has been increased %88 to USA from January to August. Sea bass  contributed to reach this... Read more

Record growth of Norwegian salmon exports

One of the most important export item in Norway is salmon which is developing day by day all around the world and exceed the European limits, it has been demanded by too many countries from Asia to Far East recently.

According to statistical figures, the value of exports of Norwegian Salmon in October totalled NOK 2,7 Billion which is more than 21% compared to the same month last year. The value of Norwegian Exports are NOK 23.9 billion according to lastest... Read more

Iceland reacts to EU sanctions

Mackerel Wars are getting more important nowadays. The wars were between Norway & EU in the past, but now Iceland and Faroe Islands participated to this war.

In the recent times, conspicuously, there is a collabration among EU and Norway and they are against Iceland & Faroe Islands. Therefore, we can mention that polarisation in the mackerel market between Norway&EU and Iceland&Faroe. Beside this, there has been made decisions to have an... Read more

The sectoral development of mackerel imports of Turkey

Mackerel, which migrates from world waters to our waters and very well known  in Turkey,  is one of the biggest export and import item of the world  is becoming important day by day in Turkey because of insufficient stocks.

The biggest producers of originated from Atlantic Ocean  mackerel are EU, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands and also Greenland which include in the recent times based on the changing direction of the fish. The inclusive quotas of... Read more

Mackerel buying off to sluggish start

This week on our Bulletin, a sectoral analysis regarding 2012-2013 mackerel season is respectfully submitted.                       

Very truly yours,    

Denizer Seafood     

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Inexpensiveness of deep frozen seafood products success

In the recent times, several sectors have benefitted from increasing consumption of seafood products all over the world. Especially, increasing competition of the seafood products pave the way for providing seafood products in several stores where keep most different products together, not only in seafood markets. For that purpose stores where we named “dollar store” and we can get a large variety of products from textile to food in, spurted and... Read more

Tranvaag and Denizer made a cooperation agreement

Denizer became exclusive importer and distributor of Servin Tranvaag AS products which is Norwegian old company and became rightful famous in the world markets.              

One of the best Norwegian top producers, Sevrin Tranvaag was established by Jorgen and Sevrin Tranvaag brothers in 1914. More than 100 years , the Company is emphasizing on the quality and became demanded brand of international... Read more

Russia becomes the salmon power

Russia exceeded its annual export rate of 64% and exported more than 164 thousand metric tons of salmon.        

In 2011 Russian authorities has reported that Russian fishermen has caught more than 520 thousand metric tons and this rate was less just 10 thousand metric tons than 530 thousand metric tons reached in 2009.

60% of the salmon export of Russia was to China, 23% to Japan and 12% to Korea. 97.5% of the export was frozen... Read more