Tesco launched scampi of Whitby Seafood…

Whitby Seafood, introduced its new and affordable product which is scampi. It hit Tesco shelves. Related product is ready to meet the demand of scampi on time. Because according to Whitby Seafood, some consumers are still managing weekly food costs. That is the reason, Whitby Seafood launched scampi at the fishing port in Yorkshire.
Scampi is high quality and breaded product.  It is featured at Tesco stores initially, after that it will be...

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“Light and Easy” products in European market

Young’s Company, originated from UK, launched its new products which called “Light and Easy”, target the people who is interested in healthy nutrition.   

The product range of “Light and Easy” has 7 different options and all of them are low fat content. These products are less %30 fat content than standard products of Young’s, per serving value is less than 300...

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King prawn coctail

The Big Prawn Company , is ready to introduce to retail market its new product called “prawn coctail” in multi packs at Morrison Supermarkets in UK. It takes nearly 12 months to improve and develop this product.      

The product launched in 290 Morrisons’ and 455 more stores are coming.         

Coctail pack has 21 days shelf life and has different taste due to...

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‘Torpedo Shrimp’ under the roof of King and Prince

King and Prince Seafood introduced breaded Torpedo Shrimp in June, under the brand of Mrs. Friday. The compnay is originated from US, its other brands are King&Prince, Oceanway, Pride of Alaska. Torpedo Shrimp is combined with menu versatility and easy to preparation, and food costs are under control.   

Sales and marketing manager of the Company is Michael Alexander said that ‘the product is higly versatile and economical item which...

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Galician mussels

Galician mussels of Mariscos Linamar SL have been received friend of the Sea Sustainability certification. Mariscos Linamar and  Depuradora La Sirena are located Tragove port, central of Cambados, “Rias Baixas”.   

The mussels in Galicia are farmed on wooden rafts, and there are ropes on the rafts for mussels growth.   

During spawning season mussel larvae float downstream until...

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Britain made Tilapia

Generally, tilapia is produced in Asia and Saouth & Central America. Now, tilapia is produced in UK throughout  4 farm and ready for sales Tesco Hipermarkets.               

British Tilapia is produced with high standards at Yorkshire and Lincolnshire farms by The Fish Company.               

Hamis Bichan from The Fish Company said “Although tilapia...

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Chilled seafood for travel retailers

An Irish Company, called “Atlanfish” is introducing its chilled seafood products under the brand of Cashelmara.             

All products ,which are ready to eat and have got 35 days shelf life,  are cooked and pasteurized at their  facility.

The products are whole lobster, whole Brown crab, crab claw, whole lungistin that they are prepared in water with some salt and without...

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Kaipara Oysters

Kaipara Oysters has created new organic oyster (Crassostrea gigas) brand in the fresh waters out of the Kaipara Harbor on the northeast coast of New Zealand North Island.          

Kaipara Oysters is certified under Asure Quality Organic Certification Program, one of the organic food organizations of the world.          

Dan Dollimore from Kaipara Oysters put forwards the secret of a...

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Clear Springs offers trout burger and Peruvian rainbow trout...

American trout producer Clear Springs Foods introduces the new rainbow trout burger and hopes to provide benefit in high tasty-healthy food trend.

This product is cooked with 100% farmed trout and Monterey Jack cheese and contains high protein and Omega 3 without trans fatty. Also it doesn't contain gluten (a protein group found in cereal such as wheat).         

Burgers are flavored with jalapeño pepper, lemon juice, parley,...

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Natural Squid and Black Rice

Cabomar Congelados, a seafood supplier from Spain, is presented under Marnatura Vida brand. The new product is invented by dying the Spanish rice “Arroz Negro” (black rice) with squid ink.

This product is tried and presented on healthy black rice dish.                    

The ingredients of the product are 100% natural and the product includes Patagonian squid, squid...

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All natural breaded fish

Fish chefs of Dutch & Kennemervis Group companies came together and created a new brand with breaded fish.

The new "Pure Fish" is free from color and additives and include covered halibut, Alaska pollack and hake. Fish chefs first opened up to six markets by bringing their powers together. These are Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Britain, Switzerland and...

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Phillips Foods presents

Seafood flatbread is one of the most popular aperitifs of Phillips Foods Seafood Restaurant and now can be eaten at home.            

The company represented Phillips Foods seafood flatbread is prepared with high-quality menu, rich materials and spices and can be taken frozen and cooked in a couple of minutes.            

Seafood flatbread has a shelf life of 1...

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