About Far East market

Pangasius is one of the most important export item of Vietnam which is found in the Vietnam’s fresh waters. The product which is demanded by lots of countries, have become popular recently and also it is called as “Panga” which has been known and consumed in Turkey day by day.

According to statements of Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), Vietnam is expecting to reach its target in 2012. VASEP also emphasized that panga trade increases in September traditionally. Due to year-end holidays, it becomes demanded in terms of exporters.

The period of last 3 months compared to the previous quarter, panga export value to EU countries increased as %40-50. Beside this, the export to US is expected to rise %30 and to ASEAN countries around %40. If we would like to say totally, the panga export of Vietnam is %59 to US, EU and ASEAN countries.

According to predictions of VASEP, for 3 quarter Vietnam export value is increased % 12, which equal to 480 million dollars. The import quantity of US, effected the Vietnamese Panga. It is clear that most of panga are purchased by US. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed the volume of farm raised catfish processed during August totalled 11,9 thousand tonnes, down %19 from August 2011. The reason of this is higher feed material prices and lower panga supply.

In addition to panga, shrimp is one of the most product for Far East countries. The shrimp production of Thailand would be down %25 over 2 years. Of course that, the situation of shrimp supply will effect the prices directly.

Beside Tailand, there is a similar condition for shrimp in China and in Vietnam. Decrease of their broodstock and EMS (Early Mortality Syndrome), are reasons of this. India season is over. Indonesian season is mostly over. The prices climbed dramatically in 3 weeks. Indonesia production will start again in December and peak in February. There is no expectation for prices to increase in November and December. Most probably, shrimp prices will remain firm through second Quarter 2013.

In terms of Turkey, this period will effect the importation of panga and shrimp definitely. Panga and shrimp importation are increasing day by day. Because of this, Turkey has to follow these changes carefully and make its decision accordingly for purchase management.

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