A view of Iceland to mackerel disputes

We published the EU sanctions of mackerel on Iceland as bulletin three weeks ago. We would like to explain the reply of Iceland for this week.

The new dispute regarding “mackerel wars” which has been made by Iceland, become a current issue  recently. According to reports of city representatives, international mackerel disputes which threats fish processors  and risks supply & lobour force, has been ended up by science instead of sanctions.

In the previous days, Iceland gave a briefing which was welcomed, among EU and local fish Trade allies for growing dispute in order to solve on good terms.

According to news of Telegraph, EU is under the pressure of Scottish fishermen and their Norwegian counterparts made some Trade restrictions against Iceland. Because these countries are not be able  make an agreement on the issue of North Atlantic Mackerel Management Programme.

Generally, disputes are centred on the big catch quantities at Iceland waters. Conversations on quotas are broke down again, although official period is tested how mush it will be go on, Trade is prevented and the number of countries which related seafood are increasing.

According to another view, the issue threatens to split the UK seafood industry and the processors at Grimbsy are hopeless in order to prevent the aim when they are waiting full support from EU parliament members for Scottish catch sectory.

According to Iceland's ambassador to Britain, Benedikt Jonsson says that Iceland makes an effort in order to exceed the problematical mackerel stock limits but, if the sanctions will be applied against Iceland, will clearly be in breach with EU international obligations.  In terms of Iceland, there is no way to make a war with EU. At this point, it is asking that EU’s records which can be a problem for therirself. Sharing Trade sanctions can effect the important relations of Humberside. These relationships can be stronger day by day and thoughh that it will be the most important place for worl Trade. This is so easy for Iceland that Jonssons says. They would like to consolidate of these relations.

Apperantly Jonsson is gad  that businesses need to make decisions that aim to secure their own industries but this is suitable for abundance situation and at this point he believes that to be together to make collobration.

Jonsson is informed that he is glad to have a good relation between Humberside and Iceland, to get a support from UK provided to have an acceptance by Grimbsy.

Steve Norton, vice chairman of the Humber Seafood Group, and chief executive of Grimsby Fish Merchants' Association, is expecting to finalize these disputes by compromisingly.

According to Norton,  Grimsby and the Humber areas have an importance for Icelandic seafood. Many companies are in Icelandic ownership or part Icelandic, and many others build a business on Icelandic seafood.It is not though that it is not a threat, there is no ban, there is no threaten to continiue for negotations. EU and Scotland want to hear “war” word as a last thing, but the fish is going to Iceland’s water. This is an evidence that these disputes will never end.
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