Russia becomes the salmon power

Russia exceeded its annual export rate of 64% and exported more than 164 thousand metric tons of salmon.        

In 2011 Russian authorities has reported that Russian fishermen has caught more than 520 thousand metric tons and this rate was less just 10 thousand metric tons than 530 thousand metric tons reached in 2009.

60% of the salmon export of Russia was to China, 23% to Japan and 12% to Korea. 97.5% of the export was frozen fish.

In addition last year, Russia exported 151 thousand metric tons of chilled and frozen salmon and trout with an increase of 20%. The government has reported that the chilled salmon export from Norway reached to 31.1% depending on the 94,000 metric tons of salmon sales to Russia in 2011.

Increasing demand of Russia on farmed Atlantic salmon, while it was supposed to be a good news for Norwegian poducer, will not provide an advantage to the current salmon prices expected to decrease this year.

According to Intrafish reports, the prices may decrease to 20 NOK (3.43 Dollar or 2.63 Euro) per kilo depending on the expected high amounts.

According to the reports of Nordea, a Norwegian investment bank, the total amount will be 1.8 million metric tons, in other words it will increase by 15% on year basis. The providence of Nordea that the Chile’s production will grow up 40% and reach to 360 thousand metric tons should be taken into consideration.

At the same time, Chilean analysts claim that salmon prices shall remain at a low rate this year as a result of the low demand of European consumers and the abundance in the products of Chile and Norway.

Chilean farmers didn't want to take advantage of the price change in 2011 and they could not provide much salmon to the market and exceed the total demand. Ironically, disease outbreaks in Chile caused decrease in global provision.

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