The sectoral development of mackerel imports of Turkey

Mackerel, which migrates from world waters to our waters and very well known  in Turkey,  is one of the biggest export and import item of the world  is becoming important day by day in Turkey because of insufficient stocks.

The biggest producers of originated from Atlantic Ocean  mackerel are EU, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands and also Greenland which include in the recent times based on the changing direction of the fish. The inclusive quotas of these countries are defined by ICES that they are exporting mackerel all around the world.  Norway is assuring the quality to Turkey due to the fish is getting into the Norwegian Waters when the fish is the most delicious. In the meantime, Norway is one of the EFTA countries,  so there is no necessary to pay any duty taxes, only VAT.

We see that some fluctuates when we have a look at figures in the last 6 years of mackerel imports to Turkey. Compared to the last years, except 2012, especially in last 2 years the import of mackerel from Norway is increased dramatically.

As might be seen below graphic, increasing period starting with 2007 has been a slightly drop in 2008 and there was little raise in 2009 again. The exportation growth of mackerel in 2010 was attracted a great deal of attention. The reason of this, is quota increase of Norwegian mackerel came from  previous year that Norway could not catch its quota in EU waters in 2010. (250.000 tons) The price could not reach the high levels due to overhead supply.

 The next year, 2011, was examined, the quantity of Turkish import is lower and the price was observed higher than previous year. The big earthquake in Japan, 2011, was effected the mackerel market and the price was continuing higher at the beginning of 2012.


Even though 2012 period is still proceeding, the prices of the new season which started in September, was lower than 2011. In addition, the domestic catch especially Atlantic Bonito which is more than expected this year, effected the demand of import seafood product. But this situation will not to stop demand of mackerel and be always preferable product in terms of Turkish market.

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