Inexpensiveness of deep frozen seafood products success

In the recent times, several sectors have benefitted from increasing consumption of seafood products all over the world. Especially, increasing competition of the seafood products pave the way for providing seafood products in several stores where keep most different products together, not only in seafood markets. For that purpose stores where we named “dollar store” and we can get a large variety of products from textile to food in, spurted and especially in USA during last 3 years put deep freeze in and began to present variety of seafood products.

A company had 10 thousand stores chain in Goodlettsville, USA, put seafood products in above three-wall frozen food section in one of its larger stores. 18-count fish sticks are sold for USD 4,15 per box, 12-ounce pop corn shrimps are sold for USD 4,50 each and 10-ounce cooked shrimp are sold for USD 6,35 each.

One of the chain dollar store company Dollar Tree puts up for sale similar seafood options in different ways. Since one of the stores of Dollar Tree sells primarily items for USD 1 each, in its all stores small bags of breaded fish sticks and popcorn shrimp, individually packed 4-ounce tilapia fillets, 4-ounce cooked salad shrimp and 4-ounce packs of breaded clam strips were several of offered products for USD 1.

The dollar-store chains make out to care about not only consumer interest in saving money, but also from consumers who live in “food deserts” and need to pick up a few grocery items quickly.

In addition, seafood producers are not only beneficiary from the sales, other products sales are increasing with finding everything in one store. The financiers that realized this way is very successful, after opened 25 stores in 2011, announced that they will open 40 stores more end of 2012.

While seafood products keep going for being easy and cheap reachable more, as we are Denizer, with our “Defrost” project, provide after catching packed our products on our +4°C reefers for daily diet. To get news regarding our innovations, please follow up our Bulletin page…

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