We provide training in a matter of seafood industry

When we took the road with "Fish is bought from Fisherman" mentality, we not only took our sales goal with us, but also explained fish by wandering around each city in Turkey…

It is a wrong way to expect from consumer to experience a food which he doesn't know. For this reason, we have shared our sense of quality and standards, what is "fish", what we understand from "fish", fishery around the world, sector developments in Turkey, all process from catching and aquaculture to end consumption, catching and aquaculture methods, freezing, storage and transportation conditions, difference of seafood from red meat, consumption recommendations and issues to take into consideration before and after consumption and sector tricks from all around the world together with sector reports with the end consumer.

We have always given utterance to our motto "If we do not eat something we do not sell it" at each presentation. We have always stated out that we give priority to our standards and high-quality products rather than the sales figures.

To that end, we will continue to make this presentation all around Turkey and ensure that everyone in such a society where all people are close to fish will know and consume fish.

sectoral training
sectoral training